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Paul Becker

Director / Choreographer

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Click below to watch My DIRECTING & CHOREOGRAPHY reels as well as full scenes and production numbers.

Paul Becker is one of the most sought-after young choreographers and directors in the industry.  Paul is a three-time World Choreography Award Nominee, a 2022 Leo Award Winner, and a 2022 MTV Award winner for "Best Musical Number", where he was nominated for two different films in the same category.   He is the protégé and creative partner of famed director Kenny Ortega.  Paul’s visionary approach to storytelling, which he honed for years through his prolific choreography career, resulted in him recently directing the hit Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms.  He also wrote and directed Breaking Brooklyn for Lionsgate starring Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr. and was honored to direct and choreograph the closing ceremonies for the illustrious Pan Am Games.


While his career as a dancer thrived, he was inspired to choreograph during his time filming Chicago alongside Rob Marshall. Having choreographed his first film at the age of 19, he was quickly catapulted to acclaim and was brought onboard to develop epic stage productions for The Jonas Brother, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Pitbull, Don Omar, Ciara, and many others.  His onstage work also includes creating and directing two mega tours of Sesame Street Live and a two brand-new circus tours for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.


His body of choreographic work includes over 300 films and T.V. shows, an impressive feat for such a young artist. Some notable projects bearing his innovative stamp include: the 2019 Academy Award nominated film Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney Animation), the Seth Rogan produced comedy Good Boys, Deadpool 2 (w/ Ryan Reynolds), Noelle (w/ Anna Kendrick & Shirley MacLaine), The Kissing Booth 1, 2 & 3 (Netflix), and the hit YA musical comedy A Week Away for Netflix.


Paul’s T.V. work extends to Charmed, Hellcats, Legends of Tomorrow, and Riverdale for The CW, the National Geographic series Valley Of the Boom, American Horror Story: Hotel, Once Upon a Time for ABC, A Series of Unfortunate Events for Netflix, and The Magicians for SYFY.

The Walt Disney organization has enfolded and integrated him into their creative workings, a blessing Paul cherishes daily. He has given life to several projects at Mouse Central that would bring any performance artist and collaborator boundless joy. His association with Disney began when he choreographed The Muppets’: Wizard of Oz, followed by The Muppets’ Christmas: Letters to Santa. His long-term relationship with them solidified as he was brought in to choreograph several films, from the hit remake of Adventures in Babysitting (w/ Sabrina Carpenter) to Girl vs. Monster (w/ Olivia Holt), and the record-breaking musical franchise Descendants, in which he and Ortega teamed up to choreograph and which was deemed a “YouTube breaking moment” recording billions of views.

Additionally, his choreography can be seen in the films Overboard for MGM, the famed Twilight film series, Mirror Mirror (w/ Julia Roberts), Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, and the worldwide phenom book series turned film series Diary of a Wimpy Kid Parts 1-3. In the world of variety T.V., he served as the producer and creative director for Canada’s Got Talent, as well as a judge and choreographer on multiple seasons of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and as a choreographer on Dancing with the Stars.


Alongside Ortega, he recently produced Parade Across America, the Inaugural Celebration for the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden. Paul is currently the choreographer of the Nickelodeon series The Astronauts, the new Freeform series Motherland, and the film Honey Girls for Sony Pictures and Build a Bear Workshop. For Disney he recently co-produced the Disney Family Singalong T.V. special, and for Netflix he choreographed Barbie Princess Adventure. Paul is currently finished production on Spinning Gold starring Jeremy Jordan.  In addition, Paul is the series choreographer for the the soon to be released Netflix series "Ivy and Bean" as well as "The Last of Us" for HBO and Craig Mazin.

Paul and I have been creative partners for over 12 years.  He is loyal, smart, innovative and extremely creative.  I trust him jumping into any situation in my absence as we share similar instincts.

Kenny Oretga
Director / Producer - High School Musical & Hocus Pocus

Paul is my hero. The MVP.  Couldn’t have even come NEAR making the day without him at the helm. I’m very, very appreciative. 

Neil Patrick Harris
Actor / Producer

I loved my experience working with Paul.  A true collaborator and a wonderful dance maker and storyteller.

Debbie Allen
Director / Producer - Greys Anatomy & Fame


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On Camera


Paul is known around the world from his Youtube Channel.  He has an impressive 264,000 subscribers and over 500 Million Views to date.

Coming Soon...

The Last Of Us (HBO)

Paul is currently the series choreography for this large scale series created by Craig Mazin.

Ivy and Bean (Netflix)

Netflix is adapting this hit book into a family friendly series, and they have brought Paul along to choreograph it.

Honor Society (Paramount Plus)

Paul has recently completed "Honor Society" for Paramount Plus. It premiered August 2022

Spinning Gold (Sony)

Spinning Gold just blew up at the Cannes Film Festival on May 23rd, 2022.  Stay Tuned!

Press & Behind the Scenes

"A mastery display of storytelling for the camera through dance"


"Becker's takes reggaeton higher...elevated to an art form if trained to move in ways beyond pelvic thrusts."


"One of the worlds top choreographers." 

Toronto Star

"Paul Becker always finds a balance of joy, humor, and groundedness in his work...and didn't disappoint with this"

Hollywood Reporter


Paul has coached actors and performed as well in various high profile animated and live action productions.  As a movement coach, he not only guides the characters physical movement, but he helps get their performance to a heightened place from his directing and acting experience.  

He has coached, fairys, zombies, clowns, muppets, monsters, werewolfs, and many more.

Select Movement Coaching Credits:

A Wrinkle in Time

Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet

Barbie Princess Adventure

Twilight "Breaking Dawn"

Cabin In the Woods

The Muppets

Sesame Street

Paul Becker and Jason Derulo


Paul Becker and Kenny Ortega won the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Award for Best Musical Number.

Pauls recent interview for HBO's The Last of Us!

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