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The two time World Choreography Nominee, Paul Becker is arguably one of the hottest young choreographer/directors on the film & tv scene.   He choreographed his first film at the age of 19, and he proved he was well on his way!  Besides his work with The Jonas Brothers, a few notable recent gigs include the 2019 Academy Award nominated film Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney Animation), the Seth Rogan produced comedy Good Boys, Deadpool 2 (with Ryan Reynolds),  Noelle (starring Anna Kendrick and Shirley Maclaine), Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 2 & 3 (with Joey King), and the highly anticipated YA comedy for Netflix Let it Snow (starring Isabela Moner).  Paul is also currently the series choreographer of Freeform’s new series Motherland.


The Walt Disney organization practically looks on him as an adopted son these days, and the list of projects he brought to life for Mouse Central would be long enough to keep most guys his age content.   He was first introduced to the Disney organization, while choreographing The Muppet’s Wizard of Oz, and later Muppets: Letters to Santa.  He has choreographed numerous films for the Disney Channel including the hit remake of Adventures in Babysitting (with Sabrina Carpenter), Girl vs Monster (with Oliva Holt), and the mega hit record breaking musical franchise Descendants in which he and Kenny Ortega teamed up to create the choreography.  


Kenny Ortega says “he and Becker are alike in their “vast appreciation for dance history, classic films, Gene Kelly and filmmaking … I came to discover that Paul is really a renaissance man with an amazing appreciation and knowledge of dance, filmmaking, music and simply art.”  Let’s leave the last word to Ortega, who says Becker’s transition from great choreographer to great director “is only a matter of time.”


Becker’s roots are as a dancer with various high profile credits, including memorable turns in the film Chicago.  It was on Chicago, in fact, that he was inspired to become a choreographer after working alongside Rob Marshall who directed the film.


Becker’s impressive body of work ranges from choreographing over 300 film and tv projects,  CW's Charmed, and Valley Of the Boom coming to NatGeo this new year.  Past works:  American Horror Story: Hotel, Overboard for MGM, Twilight, & Mirror Mirror and Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch to Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1-3, & was the series choreographer for A Series of Unfortunate Evens(Netflix), Once Upon” a Time(ABC), CW's hit show Riverdale, CW’s Hellcats, and created every finger spell through finger tuts in SyFi's hit show The Magicians.   In the variety world, he served as producer and creative director for Canada’s Got Talent as well as a judge and choreographer on multiple seasons of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.


Paul does not just limit himself to only film and tv… His love for the stage is vast.  He created epic stage spectacles for The Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Pitbull, Don Omar, Miley Cyrus, Ciara and more.  He directed and choreographed the epic 2016 Pan American closing ceremonies,.   


Paul is following in the footsteps of choreographers turned directors like Fosse, and Rob Marshall and looks forward towards the future...

Paul and I have been creative partners for over 12 years.  He is loyal, smart, innovative and extremely creative.  I trust him jumping into any situation in my absence as we share similar instincts.

Kenny Oretga
Director / Producer - High School Musical & Hocus Pocus

Paul is my hero. The MVP.  Couldn’t have even come NEAR making the day without him at the helm. I’m very, very appreciative. 

Neil Patrick Harris
Actor / Producer

I loved my experience working with Paul.  A true collaborator and a wonderful dance maker and storyteller.

Debbie Allen
Director / Producer - Greys Anatomy & Fame


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Paul is known around the world from his Youtube Channel.  He has an impressive 250,000 subscribers and over 500 Million Views to date.

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Keep up to date and Pre-register here to enroll in this virtual course.  Launching in 2021!

Keep up to date and Pre-register here to enroll in this virtual course.  Launching in 2021!

Coming Soon...

Dance Across America: An Innaugural Celebration.

Kenny Ortega and Paul Becker are producing this Historic Event which will be the virtual parade celebration for President Joe Biden.  It Airs Jan 20th, 2021 on all major networks.

A Week Away Musical (Netflix)

Paul was the supervising choreographer for Netflix's first ever Christian musical. 

The Kissing Booth 3 (Netflix)

Paul has choreographed all 3 of these hit films of the franchise, and looks forward to this release of the 3rd instalment.

Spinning Gold (Sony)

This film is currently in production starring Sam Jackson, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jason Deruillo, about the life of Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart.

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